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Dragon*Con 2013

Our Dragon*Con 2013 report is now online.

Dragon*Con 2012

Our Dragon*Con 2012 report is now online.

Otakon 2012

Our Otakon 2012 report is now online.

Anime Central 2012

Our Anime Central 2012 report is now online.

C2E2 2012

Our C2E2 2012 report is now online.

Katsucon 2012

Our Katsucon 2012 report is now online.

New York Comic Con / New York Anime Festival 2011

Our New York Comic Con / New York Anime Festival 2011 report is now online.

Dragon*Con 2011

Our Dragon*Con 2011 report is now online.

Otakon 2011

Our Otakon 2011 report is now online.

Katsucon 2011

Our Katsucon 2011 report is now online.

Otakon 2010

Our Otakon 2010 report is now online.

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010

The Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010 report is up.

Anime Matsuri 2010

Here's the Anime Matsuri report.

Layers Paradise Spring 2010

Here's something special - photos from a Japanese event, Layers Paradise Spring 2010, held at Tokyo Dome City in March. We hope to bring you more Japanese event reports in the future.

2009 coverage complete

Photos from throughout 2009 are up - the listing of conventions is as follows:

Tekkoshocon 2009

Photos from Tekkoshocon 2009 are up now.

World Cosplay Summit 2009 - Team USA

Congratulations to Elizabeth and India, the U.S. competitors in the 2009 World Cosplay Summit. Anna shot some photos of their Kuroshitsuji costumes, which can be seen here.


The Katsucon 2009 convention report is here! Photos from Friday are in, with the rest of the weekend to come shortly.

Otakon 2008

The Otakon 2008 convention report is up, and we have a feature on Nachtinis, as Boba Fett.

summer '07 feature: Tess & final_memories

Our sincerest apologies on this one; this feature was shot last summer, but was lost in the shuffle during production of our '08 calendar. It's up now, though, so enjoy Tess & final_memories

World Cosplay Summit 2008 champions: Team Brazil

Our editor & head of photography, Anna, recently returned from Japan and we're beginning to post her coverage of the World Cosplay Summit. Our congratulations to Team Brazil for winning at the main event! Their photos and future galleries can be found in the WCS '08 main event section.

new WCS 2008 Team USA galleries

The World Cosplay Summit is beginning, and Team USA is on their way. Meanwhile, we've posted two new galleries of their other cosplay- here's s0nified as a Nurse from the Silent Hill series, and Umister as Queen Rutela from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Anime Next 2008

The Anime Next 2008 convention report is up.

Tekkoshocon 2008

The Tekkoshocon 2008 convention report is up.

Katsucon 2008

And now, the Katsucon 2008 convention report.

I-Con 2008

Starting with this year's I-Con, our convention reports section is getting back up to date. Look for many more convention reports to come in the next few weeks, covering events from throughout 2007 and 2008 so far.

1970s Fashion photo shoot

Cosclips explores period fashion with Ambrosia, Kevin and Layla. All of the outfits featured in this shoot are composed of vintage clothing. Layla, a fashion connoisseur with expertise in '60s and '70s styling, has retailored some of these garments for a beautiful fit.

Announcing the release of Cosclips' first print publication:

The official New York Anime Festival 2008 Cosplay Calendar

The fifth 2008 Cosclips Calendar desktop wallpaper has been posted, featuring Alex & Juli, our May models from the print calendar - get it on the desktop wallpaper page.

The third 2008 calendar models photo feature is up, featuring our March model, Umister. Keep an eye out for feature galleries on all our other calendar models, coming later this year.

Right now, you can buy our calendar from RightStuf.com!

World Cosplay Summit USA preliminary round winners

Update!: Our editor and head of photography, Anna Fischer, recently did a private photo shoot with the members of WCS '08 Team USA. We've just added those photos to the galleries, along with photographs of Renee, Sonnya & Jessie's Magic Knight Rayearth group from the New York Anime Festival '07 Masquerade, the event where they qualified to represent the States in Japan this summer. All those photos can be found here, in the Team USA gallery.

All of us here at Cosclips would like to congratulate Renee (Umister) and Sonnya (S0nified) for winning the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries at NYAF. They'll be travelling to Japan in the summer of 2008 for the WCS, and we wish them the best in their journey to greater cosplay heights. You can find links to all the coverage of the preliminaries as well as continuing updates on their progress at the WCS '08 Team USA blog.

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